Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Mothers Day pool mission

What better way to spend mothers day than empty a pool and have a little skate. Good old mark knew someone who knew someone who had a pool that had a little water in it and it was skateable so the source said.
Off we went and low and behold there was a pool it was skateable and there was not to much work to be done. Luckily enough the house owners had a pump in there for us and all we reallt had to clean was, some bottle, a empty keg and some other junk.
Two hours later we where ready and along comes Ralph hungover as ever ready to be sick but still keen to skate.

Ever rocked up to a pool before where the owners who have never ever set foot on a skateboard have a pump ready for you to go, Thanks guys

Let then Cleaning Begin

Home owner chilling while we clean

Mark had a couple of falls

Before he started ripping

Being hungover doesn't worry Ralph

Thanks Mark

1 comment:

SILV3R said...

Thats so sick!!! If that pool's skateable, there's one here totally that I wanna get into!!! Sick shots, Ralph's got that 5-0 dialed!!!