Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally A New Update !!!!

So I (SC) have been working at least 12 hours a day and coming home and falling asleep straight away, so hence the lack of updates. TC has also been working late every day and the company she works for looks like it might be out of the woods for the time being (touch wood).

Sunday was our first full day off since being back from SLC, the weather was great and to start the day we went to the local breakfast spoke with Miami Mike. It was my first time shooting with my new fish eye lens hence all the shots below, sorry for the over kill :)

Heres TC and Mike preparing to EAT.

Troy aka Frank the Tank was trying to sober up at the breakfast bar with his Girl and her son. Great People for sure

Miami has never washed his car he went to buy petrol the other day and since it was so so cheap he decided to wash his car for the first time in years, here he is looking proud

This week Darren from our head office in sydney came down to help with showings ! Heres he and Tc happy to be home after a late night of work

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