Friday, January 2, 2009

Days 19 and 20 in Good Old Salt Lake City

Day 19 for SC/Tc in Salt Lake was spent resting, I did stretches and heat packs to try and get this stupid bruising fixed to little or no avail. TC shopped and watched movies with her family. It was then great to go eat cafe rio with Rick Baker and chill with peeps at the milo superstore, including good dudes Keegan and Cale.
Today was a little overcast and not looking that great for riding, Rick and I went up anyway and had a ball. Little groomer jibs and hits.

Ricks Got a Great Method, most people think of pro snowboarder jamie lynn when they chuck methods. Not me I think of Ricks and Dr jumps methods

Anyone that has been to Brighton more than a couple times knows this Girl commonly know as Miss Milly, a legend she is the person who takes your shot when you get a season pass.

Friday Night at Gateway Mall, downtown Salt Lake City

Oh Yeah its dumping outside Snowboarding is going to be fun tomorrow, three more days here then back to an Aussie summer. Which I am actually looking forward to, Tc will be sad but as long as it is sunny back home she will cheer up.


Jonny said...

It looks so so good there! It feels wired that were not going this year!

nicole staveley said...

Hey Shane and Tara we leave Colorado on the 5th of Jan and we cant wait to get back to the Aussie summer either. Will give you a call to go skating.

SC/TC said...

jonny im sure japan will be so so fun
i wish i could do both !
hope we can catch up when i get back

SC/TC said...

nicole you know we have a new ramp at our office
i think you guys should come down and check it out one time :)