Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skateboarding never gets old EVER

Friday afternoon ended with a little office skate, saturday started here which without doubt is my fave skate park.

10 mins from our home good times

I took this shot for Park so he flies out here and tears it apart

View from front end

Stoked to see the Nicole, Luke and Cam thanks for coming down

Saturday skateboarding ended here at the New Chelsea ramp which is located right where the old 9 footer was. It is still quite big and i need to be skating more to enjoy it for sure.

Yeah Chelsea

Mark was ripping

Saturday night was good friends Bruisers birthday which deserves it own post
Stay Tuned :)


nicole staveley said...

thanks for inviting us We took Luke to the Epworth to get his arm xrayed was still hurting abit today, The doctors says he cant see a break but we have to wait to Tuesday to get the xray report!!
He is still mucking around like normal so I'm sure its noy broken.
And by the way you have incresed your hero status with the Stveley boys they couldn't stop talking about how cool you are on the way home Thanks again

SC/TC said...

is his wrist ok ? i hope soo !!!!