Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 21 and 22 I wish It wouldn't have to End

Saturday was day 21 and it snowed around 10 inches over night, Og Utah friend Brenner Adams picked me up nice and early and We got to Brighton nice and early. So early in fact we got to wait in the cold for the chair to open up.

Ski Patrol making sure it nice and safe for us :)

Brighton Im going to miss you !!!!

The Bakers rocked up and it was Utah reunion, the bakers have been coming to utah for as long as I have way over 10 years and Brenner was the person that introduced us to Utah when he worked at Winterstick snowboards.

Mitch got worked, his roomate borrowed some screws and didn't put them back, he had to take chair down !!! Im pretty sure he is now moving out

That night we went to dinner and Old Friend Ryley rocked up ! Ryley is the nicest gangster youll ever meet.

Sunday was going to be the coldest day of they year, as we drove up it was -1 f, which is minus 18 in celcuis, ccccccoooooolllld.
Shannon and Tara came up as did Shannons mom and dad. It warmed up pretty quickly though and there where so many many hits its was awesome, it did feel like first day I could do a few little jumps since the freaking rock accident.

Who said its hard to drink in Salt Lake City, here is a random guy pounding beers at the top of Crest Lift. Check Marc in the background freaking out

TC and Leslie (shannons, tc best friends mom), thats a mouthful

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oh my god that fresh looks sweeeeet!