Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 23 the End is here, well so we thought

Day 23 Our Last day in utah and of course it dumped all day, luckily we had a full crew, marc, rick, Mike and Mitch all shredding brighton together.

Good way to end a trip to Salt Lake City

Mitch yet again chucking a good method

Mike blazing tracks

Me pretending to film a part for a surf movie in the snow

Marc learnt this trick from his brother Rick

Anyone Say Groundhog day, Robbie walker was just filming close by for the new People movie so he came and ate also.

Leaving was pretty sad, especially since there was about 4 inches on the freeway
Im missing everyone already

TC now has her own TV show

So our plane got delayed due to mechanical errors so we got to stay in a pretty swish motel in LA for free, id rather be home though.
So now there is day 24 in USA
Lets hope we can fly out tonight


Tim said...

looks like heaps of fun scarter, thats rad that robbie is filming for people, keep the posts coming

domo said...

nice surf moves

Jonathan said...

Epic last day! Props for Robbie filming with the people crew!!!

Jonathan said...

and I am EXTREMELY jealous of the Cafe Rio you guys are eating, almost even more than the pow you are shredding!!!

SC/TC said...

cafe rio rulz for sure, youll be riding powder sooner rather than later !
when we chilling

Jonathan said...

so true! can't wait! It was caking down at Hakuba today, 60cm apparently! Im coming to the office on Monday! are you going to be there?

SC/TC said...

for sure see you there !!!!