Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Heat Is On !!!

Yesterday was the warmest day since we have been back from Salt Lake City.
So Straight (and I mean straight) after work We all met at the Boat Shed which is about 5 mins from our house for a BBQ and some beach time activities.

Here is me paddling down from our apartment complex with some drinks in a shopping bag, not the best idea but i did make it.

Ralphy getting Salty

I have never EVER seen this many people on the beach EVER

Tara and A cool Sunset

Here is our boat shed that along with a few friends that we bought a few years back Good Times for sure.

Thanks for Shirvo for all the photos


nicole staveley said...

what a life you have everything except the work bit sounds perfect HAHAHA. The boys and I are on the Gold Coast for a couple of days getting our summer beach fix we will give you a call and catch up for a skate when your not too busy!!!

Love the blog by the way
Nicole Staveley

Jenna said...

Looks amazing!! I'm jealous.
Miss you guys! :(

Jenna said...

Looks amazing!! I'm jealous.
Miss you guys! :(

Tim said...

the shot of tara on the board looks rad