Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So We are now Unkle and Aunty to Twins !!

My Sister and her hubby Ash had Twins today both Boys, Harrison and Lochlan.
They arrived a little early but are healthy but will be chilling in the hospital for a few more weeks till they are ready to enter the world.

Here's some shots from our phones there will be more to come that's for sure just waiting for a camera. (The first shots here are from crappy blackberry please excuse the bad quality the second ones are from TC's phone which are obviously a little clearer)

Don't worry I ordered this today (will be my third one since Xmas, third time lucky I hope)

TC's hand and Harrison !!!

The nurses made this card but spelled Lochlans name wrong

Lochlan looks nice and warm


Lochlan resting up

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Joyce said...

Congratulations! We are so happy that they are here. I love their names! Remember that both babies added up didn't equal Max or Amelia. Give my love to everyone.