Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boot Ice Hockey

I know it sounds stupid, but in all seriousness it was so so freaking fun.

So after the meeting on thursday night in vermont Burton Hired a bus and rented out a ice rink for us to battle boot ice hockey. They were 6 teams and my team made it all the way to the grand final where we got smashed :)

It did get violent for sure and it was slippery as hell, skate shoes dont have the traction of skates i guess. I got taken out but as i backflipped my stick cut open the head of Christian who took me out it was pretty gnarly for sure.
Anyway thanks to everyone at Burton for this it was awesome ESPECIALLY Steph We all owe you !!!

Our Team

John Lacey and I head to head

Craig smith in the white top was on point

More action thanks again everyone

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