Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grey Matters Art Show LAst Thursday Night

So good friend Mark Lording organised another show titled "Grey Matters", it was also his birthday so I know he was pumped when you could not phsyically fit another person inside the gallery. The best thing about this show other than the awesome artists was how it was set up where every artist had their own room. Thanks To Ian Lording for all the photos.

Go Birthday Boy, representing our home suburb 3196 Chelsea postcode.

Marks Painting of Eddie Current Suppression Ring

One of Marks Pieces.

Mark and Ian (thanks again for all these photos)

Marky And Ralph

Nate Dogs Work, this piece I think this piece got inspired by one of our good friends

Heres Nate Dog and myself SC

If I had more money this would be on my wall right now Go Andy Murphy.

Go Danny Young with a Saints Reference ?

The artists, left to right nate, mark, joey, polly, Danny and Tim H

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