Monday, April 20, 2009

Bike Mission

So it seems everyone is doing it so why wouldn't I go on a 30 km ( on a mountain bike when everyone else has lycra and road bikes) for my first true ride of the year.
First thing sunday morning I attempted to keep up with some friends Metro mike (also known as mycra) and Adam Bomber who rides every freaking day on a ride from chelsea to Mt Eliza and Back with a big hill at the half way mark.

Number one NOT :)

Well I might not have been the fastest and had no lycra or bike helmet (yep thats a snowboard helmet) but I made it no dramas with some sore legs and a little sun burn to boot.
Same time next week Im back, anyone keen 9 am sunday morning Mycras place.


mycra said...

cant wait for this week...

SC/TC said...

looks like we might have a crew !!! cant wait either