Monday, April 6, 2009

Vermont, USA !!!!!

So after one of the longest trips ever !!! we finally got to vermont, unfortunately for us the car rental place was closed by the time our plane landed. So after a taxi to motel and then a taxi back to rental place we actually got to Bolton Resort on sunday around 1130. There was still a little fresh around but it was pretty slow and icy in spots.

Oh well riding is riding and I had a ball. Here I am with one of my friends

I got to ride with Darren from our office in sydney and Craig from Burton Japan who set a mean pace all day. Here we are on top of the hill

It was Boltons last day open for the season and they had their annual pond skimming contest. Normally it would be a nice spring day, but it was snowing off and on and it looked so so cold. A bunch of Burton crew dressed up as the crew from Gilligans Island and where drinking a drink in a orange juice container. It was definatly not OJ thats for sure as Sharon from Burton Outerwear didnt even make the pond and had to be carried off. Watching people freeze thier asses off was awesome.

Heres Steph from Burton having a go

Look at this girls face it would have been freezing, they had to carry people out it was that cold.

Sunday night we ate Brazilian and they had alligator and no it didnt taste like chicken.
Today was a big day of meetings tommorow the same.

Till something exciting happens aloha from vermont
and tara i miss you !!!


Tara said...

I miss you too hubby! xoxo

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