Saturday, October 31, 2009

Late Arvo Sons live shots from last night

Yes its good friend Marks band Late Arvo Sons weekend.
Last night they played at old punk rock venue "The GB" in richmond. Some of the best shows I have ever been to have been there, Propagandhi played that stage many years ago.
Anyway they played super well and the crowd seemed really into it.
Heres some shots from the night

Late Arvo Sons

See the crowd was loving it, William having a blast

Jammo in white and Danny next to him good friends, thanks for lift Jammo

More Late Arvo Sons

Yet again

Check out Late Arvo sons at
Thanks to danny, Mikey, Mark, Sarah and Jammo for an all time night.

This week is Melbourne cup week so everyone gets Tuesday off work, cannot wait to get out and ride the new bike I finally bought yesterday, now all I need is a bike gang that lives down this way.
Bike post tuesday.

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