Monday, November 2, 2009

Melb Cup Day, Did Someone Say Lets Go Get Stitched Up ? Not For Faint Hearted

Today is mebourne cup day here in melbourne aust, which means everyone gets the day off to go watch races or chill. We decided to go on a bike ride to get breakfast 10 kms there 1o kms back in the sun = AWESOME Day you say.
First up some black and whites !!!

Chelseas own bike gang ! Bomber, TC and Metro

Bike Trail

Skid Time, TC stoked

Now some colour time, which makes the last shots all so good (dont go on if you hate the sight of blood)

Arrival in Mordialloc

After jumping bombers bike over a little bumb and yep I jumped it again after a fell off his mountain bike.

The Doctor asked if I minded him shaving my leg.

Weird how it didn't bleed that much, something about being right on the bone

Stitches Bitches

More Stitches

And even more

Pretty funny, but it kinda sucks I now cant do anything for the rest of the day.
Thanks to TC, Metro, Bomber and my parents for driving me home.

Quick little update :::: I dont ride a fixed gear and I didnt fall over hehe it was Bombers mtn bike pedel that smashed into my leg after a got a whole 5cm of the ground :)

Update 2: From good friend Joel Graham in Japan " yeah bikes bite hard when they get you, straight impact onto bone "

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