Tuesday, October 6, 2009

High School Reunion, no not the movie !

This past weekend was my (SC) high school reunion, it was pretty nerve racking travelling back to Albury (3.5 hours away). How would people be, who would go etc. etc.

TC came as back up support which was awesome, before hand we caught up with long time friend Bree and her family, it was like yesterday and we talked for ages.

Bree and family, good little dude for sure. Bree after all the years looks the same and is an Awesome friend one that will be around no matter how often I see her.

Tc getting ready, SO stoked she came it made it way easier

Class of when ??? Man I am getting old

Everyone trying to get in shot, so many people I didnt get time to talk with, good memories for sure. Mooseis the guy in the blue striped shirt he saved me getting bashed so many times I owe him. He was skateboarder savior :)

On way home we dropped by old friend Cams house, I haven't seen him in over 6 years and after 5 mins it was like old times. He even got out his old photo album which had photos of us as kids skateboarding everywhere really cool a tonne of memories came flooding back. Cam hasn't had a board in years since he has been busy with his kids, I need to get him one.

TC, Charlene and Cam

I know you don't post photos of your self on blogs but this one is too cool to let go.
Cam and I :)

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