Monday, October 19, 2009

Yet Again Sorry For Lack OF Updates, but here is the last week or so in 8 fotos :)

The last week has been spent up in Canberra selling the dream :)
Not many good foto opportunities but here is a couple off the phone

The week started with an 8 hour roadtrip here is Lachy and Rory ordering mcdonalds for the first time, this would continue everyday for the next week.

It was Ralphs Bday while we where in Canberra needless to say he had a ball

Our Stand won an award, next year best Large stand

All round good dude Russ Holt turned up

Clint ate the biggest chile any of us have ever seen, he actually went into some kind of chile shock that ended with Clint not in the best state

A couple of good sydney dudes where down in canberra to help out, here is Chris with the mega phone announcing the B Movie Premier while Darren does what he does well, while Buller legend Joel and Troy relax

Mike loves snowboarding which is cool to see, here he is watching Jeremys part

All good trips have to come to an end thats why they are called trips, here is Rory enjoying the back seat of the car on the way home

Ski you later Canberra, maybe same time next year

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