Monday, October 26, 2009

Mega Burton Premier Party shots and Sydney Update !!! photos galore, Hopefully you ENJOY

The last week or so we had two premiers for Burtons New Movie The B
Both parties went off perfectly (well done coco) and Tc took a couple days off work and came to sydney to hang out which made the week awesome.
As they say photos are worth a thousand words so here some shots
For more shots check POP, my Burton page or See my method
Sydney was so awesome staying in town was cool and Tc got to learn a lot more about Sydney and its history thanks to a cool morning at the Sydney Museum.

Check the photos !!!!
Melbourne Tuesday Night

So many people tryed to steal these B logos, we caught them all in melbourne, Sydney theives are smarter and got away with them all.

Tc Chunk and Lily

Some Dude, Tc, Breny, Steve from Vortex and Robbie Walker all chilling

What a crew of friends Coco, Tc, Ralph and Chunk

More good friends Metro, Fitzy, TC, Rochelle and Coco partying up a storm

Sydney Thursday night

Sydney entrance to movie

TC and Trines getting ready at our room in sydney

Claire and blogging madman Dan and Paul

Mitch and Beau who travelled all the way down from newcastle

Rocker Chick aka Sylvia and Tim Hill

2 of mtvs finest :)

Wes was having time of his life

Jason and Tim

Tim (morri) loving the dance party check the look on brennas face Sally in back ground

TC and Shrivo

Fellow office workers having a ball

Nick Pistol Gregory and Ash Mcann good people

Dance Party TC Lauren and Kate

Kate Lisa TC and Lauren

View from the hotels pool/gym

Gotta love a hotels pool

Lisa and Tc eating up a storm in Surry Hills Sydney

More tourist shots

Great times Movie tour went great thanks to anyone reading this that came along. Yep Colby super glad you made it :)


Tara said...

Like Colby says . . . the blog wouldn't be complete without a photo of me eating, would it hubby? Ha ha!

paulsworld said...

I was getting worried there wasn't going to be a picture of T eating...but sure enough you got one in there Shane. Nice Work....I to am stoked we make it....

SC/TC said...

of course you make it colby !!!!