Monday, October 5, 2009

Dumpage at Buller (sorry for delay in posts)

A week or so ago, we had to go up to Buller to clean out our cabin and have a final shred while the lifts are open.

Here's a little snapshot of the fun we had, movie coming soon :)

Lots of skateboard friends always promise to come try snowboarding every year and never do. Cheese came good on his word and made the journey up.
Here he is not only looking the part but picking up snowboarding like he was born to.

WE awoke to snow down at our cabin in sawmill, in all my years riding i have never seen snow that low.

We got to the entrance of Buller and it was dumping, once a year we get snow down here and that's only in a good year

You know its good when you see cars like this in OZ

Cheese, Tara and Ralph pumped

It was grand final weekend so people stayed home watching the game, we on the other hand got fresh tracks all day and had no lift lines

The next day it snowed again and this time they made us put chains on 4wd, Ralph was smart and bought these auto sox's, thirty seconds and both wheels where good to go. Luke Moodie watched and we both said we need some of these for sure.

Here's another reminder of the snow that was around.

Great weekend I definitely heart snowboarding :)

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