Friday, November 13, 2009

Final Day of Snowboarding For The Aussie Season

Thanks to Trigger Bros (local snowboard shop) their Annual BBQ up at the last remaining snow at Mt Buller.
Sausages, drinks and little jibs always make one of the best days of the season but the banshee bungee rope really made this BBQ memorable.

Jonny and his daughter Ruby where having a ball, also here is Chunk helping with the bungee

Patrick Mikes nephew loving the sun and slushy snow

Yet more Jonny and Ruby ripping

Chunk jam

Luke Silver nosepress, thanks again for bringing the bungee

Chris Decampo burton team rider trying to out press everyone

End of day and season

Straight from home to the local mexi spot, TC, Mike and Ange

A little nature to end the day out the front of our place, possums are cool

thanks to mike metro for some of the shots and the trigger crew for one of the best days of the year

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markle said...

actually thats a photo of patrick. eamon was the one in the orange pants