Friday, November 13, 2009

Vintage BMXs are cool

Last saturday I went and checked out a Vintage Bmx show at a melbourne BMX track. One of my good buddies Danny was exhibiting his Redline from 1979 that he just finished doing up.
So cool to see all the bikes you wanted but your parents would never buy for me when I was younger.

Good Crowd came to check out everyone's handywork

Who didnt want skyway tuffs

Heres is Danny latest restoration

How good was the BMX stuff in ET

Pk Rippers where always the top of my list

A lot of hard work went into fixing these up thats for sure


Drew said...

Hey Shane, so sick! I just finished my NYC BMX! See some photos here:

SC/TC said...

so rad !!!! your seat is awesome, hope things are well