Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mega Update

So We have been slack things have been a little busy as of late but anyway I have been using the camera on my phone, hence the not so good photos to document what SC/TC get up too.
The following shots are from the last two weeks, the more recent shots first.

First up is some friends that work at Trigger Bros Frankston

So on friday afternoon a long time employee of Triggers Matt Wilson had his last day, I needed to wax my board so I killed two birds with one stone/visit. While i was waxing away one of the workers, Todd finished for the day and excalimed "Thank god" and ran to the bathroom to start being sick, unfortunately he left the door open and I snapped this piece of gold. And No he didnt eat anything bad for lunch that day but had one big night, I still have no idea how he held on all day.

Heres Ralph, Alex the russian, Tara (aka TC) and our truck :)

This was taken last weekend at Mt Buller and was Ralph and Tara's last day of riding which ended up being all time. And I know I say that alot but That particular weekend we hit some really fun small jumps with Tc, Lars and Monk, Ralph and I then rode the bigger jumps on the summit of buller which was so fun and then we even got a rail on. Pretty much doing everything possible at Buller bought some big smiles to everyones Face, Ralph was pushing us all to step up on the rails until he slip on a rainbow and had a sore shoulder all week.

Nearly two weeks ago I took the week off to ride, first off I went to Buller and rode with these two legends Joel and TROY aka T_ROY.

Troy is not in blue and is one of the funniest people i have ever met. He still calls every girl he meets Babe and gets away with it ! Falls over while telling stories, makes me feel coordinated :) and makes me laugh every second he is around. This day i hurt my knee pretty bad which had Troy telling me to get up and run around as thats what he does if he ever gets hurt, unfortunately i could hardly walk so there was no running.
If you ever get to meet this guy take the time to hear a story or two youll be in stitches trust me.

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mskinner said...

this was gold. 'Skinner! Come look at this!', sure enough there's little Cocky power-boffing in the dunnies. Gotta give him credit for holding it in all day, and for getting back on the sauce that night!