Saturday, October 25, 2008

Radio Silence Book

So old friend Jarvis alerted me to a new book on hardcore called Radio Silence.
So I ordered it Straight away and am so stoked to get it in the mail. Anyway while searching the Radio Silence website i noticed their Launch party in LA, where the editors got together a panel of a bunch of legendary (long since broken up) 80s hardcore bands and had a panel(im guessing q and a).
SO im getting shivers thinking about hearing what the guys from Chain of Strength etc are all up to and I Notice that a friend from the snowboarding world took most of the photos on the website.
So of course i facebooked him straight away to hear about how amazing the night was, he hit me back straight away with some cool stories and more photos and now I cannot wait for not only the book to arrive but also to see reformed hardcore hero's GORILLA BISCUITS to tour australia in december.
Nostalgic f..k Yeah I am.

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