Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun Times

So after another awesome day of snowboarding on saturday at Mt Buller , I(SC) talked everyone into going down to the river which is about 5 mins walk from the cabin we stay at in the mountains. If anyone remembers our save the date wedding invite the photo was taken at this location. So anyway the river runs directly down from the hill, so it is melted snow cold as you could ever imagine. I (sc) went in up to my knees and had everyone freaking out and i jumped out pretty quickly the water was so close to freezing.

Ralph bet a dinner that i wouldnt go in so i jumped in much to TC's freaking out, it was cold let me tell you. Two late coming friends arrived to my screams and of course Late comer LArs jumped straight in no questions, so then did alex the russian. Ralph swore he would never go in but after all three of us did he had no choice and we honestly thought he was going to drown.
Check the photos for the hilarity that was.

Yay Sawmill Settlement !!!!

TC checking the Temp

Ralph and Alex

Yep Alex in a little trouble

Me in first and really really cold

Lars no worries

Alex not being outdone

Ralph trying not to drown

Monk and Tc not really approving :)

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SILV3R said...

I'm guessing some serious shrinkage action then!!!LOL!!!