Monday, October 20, 2008

Sorry For The Slacking On Updates

Its been a busy Week or so as of late.
Last week was spent in Canberra for the SIA Tradeshow which went off quite well.
On the way to Canberra we stopped off in my old home town and had a quick roll.
Heres a shot of Albury skate park notice like all parks these days that BMXers double skateboarders. It was hot and we didnt skate long but I still felt a little home sick :)

After that we went out in canberra for Ralphs birthday, it was really fun.

Ralph had an AMAZING BDay !!! Notice the smile already :)

On the way home I noticed this Sign, if only it had Salt Lake on it also it would have some of my fave places in the world, oh well

So I got to come home for a night and go to the Trigger Video premier sponsored by Burton. Then the next day after work it was straight to Brenys bucks weekend which consisted of riding mini motos, 4 wheel driving and camping.
Riding the motos was so fun, I think if i had some spare cash Id get one for sure. Anyway heres my camping setup ! Hopefully TC and I get to go camping someday soon TOGETHER

Sunday I got home to the wife, played ping pong, shopped and then had to get up bright and early to fly to the home of ksubi's, thongs and Chris Kboadle. Where I am till weds night.
More photos to come soon !

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Tara said...

Hubby, we are going to Airlie soon . . . that's MY kind of camping. Ha ha ha! Maybe one day you'll convince me to sleep in a tent :) xoxo