Monday, April 19, 2010

My Second USA update

So finally I'm home back in OZ and have time to update the good ol blog.
Yep Ive been slack but here's a little photo update that I hope you all enjoy.
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These two are part of the "wooden robot" crew in utah that look after Burton, Forum, Gravis etc. Both 100 per cent awesome people that are always stoked and up for what ever.

Josh and I did some hiking while at Brighton, it was too good to film so I filmed Josh smashing a tree up top before we dropped in :) We hiked it a couple of times until the altitude really knocked this unfit guy round

At Brighton they have little museum of old snowboards along the wall. The Barfoot is a board that I actually rode on one of the second or third times I went snowboarding. We also used that Barfoot for sand boarding for years after that, yep sand boarding :)

While I was in Utah , Josh, Brenda and Max took me to in and out burger, yum yum yum !!!

Utah view at night

After Utah I travelled to Vermont...for a million meetings, here is a couple of shots of friends that made the trip fun and kept the meetings entertaining.

Phillipe from Europe admiring the old rack chandelier in the barn at Jake Burton's house.

Darren and Katie outside the barn, well it is a little more than a barn but its super cool that's for sure

Phillipe had a bunch of tricks on the tramp

Two of my fave people at Burton, Todd King and Craig Smith having a good time

On the way back from Jake's house I drove our Japanese friends back to town, Darren really likes Japanese lifestyle so much so he followed our friends below and slept the whole way home

Kaz can sleep anywhere and I mean anywhere

TJ knows when your taking his photo even when he is asleep

In the qantas international terminal there is a cool place called tony someones bonfire grill check the mean we got there :)

Second time Ive had these Tacos, they really are almost perfect

Jake is everywhere even at JFK

So glad to be home, 30 something hours to get home was no fun that's for sure

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