Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last Weekend's Sydney Trip for Good Friend Paul and Kate's B-day Celebrations

Last weekend we traveled up to Sydney, which was perfect. TC got to tan on the beach and I got to work out of the Sydney office.
On Saturday though, the real reason we made the trip up was on... Paul and Kate's B-day celebrations. Paul turned 30 and it was an awesome time!
Even if it took us way too long to get there as I sent us to the wrong venue. This is what TC would call a "Roberts Shortcut."
Anyways, here is a little photo recap on the night

TC ready to party at our hotel

Ralph, Kat and Tara on the way to pre-party dinner

Thanks to Coco we stoked Colby out with a Raymond Pettibon signed poster

B-day girl Kate, Lauren and Coco

For the b-day card we got Colby an old Uninc Snowboard for everyone to sign. Here's morri getting to work

Paul's Sister Claire and TC

Lauren and Coco again were really stoked to be there and were running amuck, although this shot looks like they were pretty chilled

Old snowboard shred dawgs where out in force - here's Freddie and Chriso having a ball

Ralphy knows how to party and here he is holding the card for everyone to see

Coco doesn't mind getting background props in any photos, but the star in this photo is Katrina. After partying a little too much, she showed us how tall Kat really is . . .

Sydney was awesome and thanks to Paul and Kate for having us up there.

Easter Wedding blog to come in the next day or so
STAY TUNED you'll be stoked.

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Shanni said...

AHHHHH!!!! I miss you guys like crazy. I can't look at the blog too much cause it makes me cry, ha ha I'm a big fat baby! I'm doing good. No boyfriend, :( boys are mean (except, Phil, my dad and shane :))! Other than that having loads of girl time, Millard time and Eskelson time! We hope to camp it up this summer. The Millards talked me into getting a mountain bike, lol. Guess I'm gonna try and ride up hill, hee haa just thinking about it makes me giggle. I love you both sooo much. I've promised Ev, sooner than later, that I'm gonna take him to see you guys! Loves....