Saturday, April 10, 2010

Its Good To be Back

So Im back in the USA for a meeting over in Vermont, on the way though I stopped in UTah as they just got 7 feet in 7 days. I'm for sure extra lucky, its also helps having your in laws here :)
Heres a couple of shots from the trip so far

I finally got to catch the airbus over , super big double story I so wish i could have upgraded.

When you leave the airport and see the mtns you are always so stoked

On way back from Airport we checked out brother in law Joshs new ride, someone say awesome !!

Thursday morning off to brighton, not to bad of a day hey

Good friend Brenner came up as did Josh, we couldn't talk him into driving the new car up though

One of our riding buddies Evan getting ready to shred, last time I rode with him he was small now he is tall and has a mustache :) but still rips

Utah is great, Brighton is without doubt one of the best resort I have ever ridden it never lets you down thats for sure. Ive got some video footage coming as well as more shots from yesterdays hike and shred.
Have a great weekend


Rick said...

Amazing. I can't believe you got such good snow. I wish I could still be there.

SC/TC said...

me too !!! your fotos looked awesome