Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birghton Park Pass Adventure

So A week or so ago as you can see in my previous posts I was lucky enough to get back to Brighton Resort in Salt Lake. My first day was spent shredding POW and on my second I had a chance to go check out Brighton's Jumps. I was super excited to check these out as it was a spring day and when I was there over xmas there was no jumps. You see Brighton has had some problems in the park as of late and hence they started what they call PEEPS.
See Below

Peeps is a program where you have to do a course online, pay $5 and get a park pass to ride the jumps in the park. SO off I went payed my cash did the course online and pretty much wasted over half an hour of my time.
So I get my pass and jump on chair to go ride park, alls good.
I finally get to park its getting late in day and I see it is all roped off, so I look for an entry gate and see its closed for the day, wow they could have told he you would think hey ?
Especially since the girl printing the passes know me quite well and knew I was only there for the day.
SO I jump the rope (as you would do also) and cruise down to the jumps only to be confronted by a bunch of gangster looking dudes. I then get a better look and realise the park is closed to film a bunch of skiers. Just my luck hey.
Anyway I did get this cool pass for the memory.

Anyway want to do the park pass quiz check out this link

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metro said...

you broke rule 1


Our rules have teeth - Don’t get bitten! Getting tossed out of the MY O MY terrain park, and facing loss of your PEEP’s park permit and suspension of privileges at Brighton for the season, is easy.

FENCING AND CLOSURE RESTRICTIONS ARE ABSOLUTE. Never duck or jump a fence or tapeline. You must also understand that ski’s or a snowboard in front of a feature is a means of closing that feature. Terrain park policy is one person per feature at a time. "