Monday, December 21, 2009

Utah Update

So one of the first nights I was here I went and visited old friend Brenner Adams, Brenner is a legend around these parts from working at snowboard companies, designing snowboard video games to tuning boards at Trigger Frankston Brenner has done a tonne that's for sure. and is one of the best people Ive yet to meet.

Here is Brenner and Keyan in their new garage with their mini ramp

Brenner has his ramp on lock down, Back Smith stall

Friday night The wife and my mother in law flew in from Atlanta, STOKED
Here is Soccer Doc too, my father in law who loaned us his car for the trip Double Stoked.

Saturday night we all went to local restaurant Porcupine (its on the way to the resorts) and has a cool atmosphere, Tonnes of beers and good food. Here is Brother in Law Josh, Soccer Doc, Josh's Wife Brenda, TC and her friend Shannon.

Porcupine really know how to make nachos :)

Mother and Daughter trying out their new beanies.

Tomorrow it is supposed to Dump and Weds Ralph Road tourer gets here, Ill blog more then I promise, and in case you have been wondering I have snowboarded every day since Ive been here :)

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5liddles said...

Haven't seen the fam for so long! Everyone looks good. Have a great time in Utah...wish we were there to visit!