Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Utah Updates

Shredding has been awesome, sunny and soft there will be another movie coming soon
But till then I thought a little photo essay of some other stuff would be good to tide everyone over (all 15 or so of you :) )

Soccer Doc Tara and her mom in the background, Soccer Doc took us all to the jazz game, which is a special anniversary for Tara and I as it was our first date to the day 6 years ago

Yep we got to go down and chill on the court, (i know blogs are not supposed to have shots of your self on there but I couldn't help it), Tara, Brendan, Me and Ralph

Jazz won and the streamers came down "Go jazz Go"

Next Day Brother in law Josh and his Son came over to chill

Yesterday after shredding Ralph and I visited Burton showroom in SLC for a skate and chill. Here is Ralph ripping as usual

Good Friend Chris Dropped by, as did new friend Dustin (sorry got no snaps of you ripping)

Gold Coast skateboard company owner Brock decided to drop by at the last minute to show he skates like he snowboards, Awesome

Thanks to Josh and TJ for having us over.

After skating Soccer Doc took us took us out to a Brazilian steakhouse, here is Joyce getting some steak

Ralph and Tara STOKED

Today Ralph left for la and it started snowing, I have already shovelled the drive once.
Tomorrow shredding Brighton again.

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Rick said...

I can't believe you got to go onto the Jazz court. Amazing. I leave for SLC on the 21st, can't wait to get me some of that Brighton pow!