Saturday, December 5, 2009

Accident Prone !

Anyone that knows me, knows this is the truth.
I wasnt going to post on this one but The wife said its too funny not to.
So on friday it was our work xmas party up in sydney, it was really fun but A really big day.
I ended up flying home pretty late and getting to bed around 1. The wife got home around 2, around 3 I needed to pee really bad but was almost sleep walking to the bathroom, not a good idea.
I slipped on the stairs and fell down them all putting my head through the wall and breaking the cable at the bottom.
Dont worry Im fine, just bruises and cuts in a tonne of spots but that is no different to a weekend skateboarding. The house on the other hand needs a skilled tradesman to come visit for sure.

The Aftermath

I know Ive got a big head but come on that big ?

Look closely on the right that cable ripped my leg open


metro said...

i'm glad you are ok.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Just head down to bunnings and get some cornice cement... its easy fixed. AK