Saturday, December 5, 2009

Colabyarration Art Show

Last night there was another Art Show down here in melbs, this one had a unique little angle.
The theme was the sea, every piece had a little run of affordable Tshirts available and it wasnt super packed when we got there which was a hell of a lot cooler than any other art show in melbourne as of late.
The drinks where free and the artists killed it. I couldnt get shots of everything so here is a little snapshot.

Moo and the Wife planned outfits accordingly :) And it was their son Jacks first show as well as first night out in city

Marks on the phone as normal, met us out front of show

Here is his piece referencing the suburb we all live in, Chelsea pride as Mark would say

Tc in front of Andy Murphys piece, good pirate smith

On right Micahs who I didnt even know drew and on left rudins rashids.

Dannys piece was my second fave so TC got that for my birthday when I get it Ill post a shot.

Thats all for now, thanks to however organised the show.

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