Monday, August 10, 2009

Two weeks in one update !!!

So I have now managed to keep my newest g9 camera for over three months and it is going strong and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words heres whats been up as of late

We helped out with a big Contest built for TV for MTV up at falls

Mark Sollars flew over to Australia to chill and enter the contest for us, 100% good person welcome in OZ anytime.

We then had what we call Burton Product launch where we take all our dealers to the snow and show them product and have them ride all the new stuff

Jonny and Joel from Triggers came up to Falls to hang with us and try some new Boards super fun dudes to ride with for sure

Lachy helped us out so much while in Falls, I think we owe him now forever

Friday night Ralph and TARA came up to chill at falls, which was awesome since Id been away for nearly two weeks

Jimi another falls legend that is always down to help here chilling with TC (thanks again jimi, we also owe you a tonne)

Beth (ralphs new squeeze) Ralph and TC

AS above posing out in the snow at Falls Creek

Our friend Katey and her boy Jammo had a baby boy on saturday welcome to the world Jack Cooper

Too cute :)

Hopefully Im home for a bit and keep this updated :)

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Briony said...

Holy crap Stu's a father?!! Woah, that's awesome!