Monday, August 31, 2009

Boost Sno Sho Weekend

Last weekend was the Annual Boost Mobile Phone Sno Sho, which is a snowboard comp up in Perisher (8 hour drive, or 40 min flight and three hour drive) away.
I had to marshall the contest so there is no snowboard shots, but our good friend Mark Sollors won the event and 20 grand for his troubles.

Rick and I flew into canberra to get picked up, our lift was three hours (yep three hours) late, which was weird since it was only two hour drive from the start of their trip. So we went and visited a store in canberra which was on way to Perisher.

Here is Rick and shop worker Shona, chilling while we wait for our ride

When we got there, the resterant was closed so they got RIck, Coco and Event organiser Tory to cook our own dinners

Thommo and Johnny are both good dudes so heres a shot of them chilling at dinner

Crew watching snowboard movies while it hailed out side

Here is a movie from you tube to show you what happened at the contest

On the way home Darren thought he would design a new pair of Anon sunnies for the moto market, Mark wasn't feeling them for some reason

Here is Marco (grey hood centre, good person for sure) telling everyone stories about his adventures the night before down in Jindy (small snow town on way home).

Great weekend shame about working in the rain, hail, snow again.
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