Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to Mt Buller

After being away for work for the last few weekends it was good to be back at Buller with friends with no work at all to be done.
The sun was out and it was such a good day that I didnt get the camera out all day while riding.
There was a hip that everyone had a ball on and I wish all days riding could be like this one

Anna Kim ( who i didn't even know snowboarded, who had a ball and I hope comes riding again) TC and metro

On way home we went kangaroo watching !! Anna and TC

T-Roy made a new friend and gave Anna some riding lessons, notice the hand on right :)

All was going great for T-ROy until he lent into Anna a little close and fell off the Chair onto the ground, in front of a full restaurant.
Way to make a move hey at least he announced after "and i was going for a hell cheesy move and all"
Notice the smiles on TC and Anna, T-ROY you are a king :)

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