Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Friends Ripping On The Practice Day Boost Sno Sho

So on friday We where going up the chair lift next to the park and We can see Olympic snowboarder Danny Kass standing on the runway for the jump. Then we see our friend Rick Baker drop in and throw one of the biggest and smoothest methods Ive seen in years over the jump. Turns out Rick just filmed an interview with Danny and then The TV crew needed to film Danny on the jump, noone had hit the jump yet and Danny wouldnt go until someone else had. So Rick put down his camera strapped in on a broken board and stomped this Method you see below in the frame grab from Channel Nine News.
Seriously all time.

Filmer, Model, Magazine Publisher and thrower of mega methods.. Rick Baker

The only thing I filmed all weekend was a practice jump from Mr Robbie Walker, Robbie rips

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