Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snow Snow and More Snow

So on monday I drove back into the mountains up to Falls Creek, for work..I met up with old Friend Rory Tonkin (aka DR jumps)..Luckily for us it started dumping and I mean dumping (hey its australia)

I was at Falls to do a couple of staff training seminars, heres Lachy getting the first one underway

Pizza is always good especially when its dumping snow and with good falls crew, Clock wise Lachy, Jimi, Dr Jumps, Lucy and Dave Boyd

After dinner we met went to the bar for a little bit !! Here is Lachy, Jimi and some good dude having a ball

Dr Jumps holding my board since he didnt take a board up as in his words "its all business up here for me"

Rory walked I skated or rode :)

Little slash outside our place on way to a meeting

WE had our work cut out digging the car out with out a shovel and gloves thats for sure

After a slow drive down the hill, On way home I visited Rays in Myrtleford, Doug and Peter good people for sure, Thanks for the drink

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