Sunday, June 7, 2009

Opening weekend !!!

So this weekend is the Queens Birthday celebration weekend and the start of our snow season.
So we moved into our new place at the bottom of Mt Buller, had a good dinner, left Ralph on hill for the night to get loose and when we picked him up this morning it was snowing !!! Yay, we will be riding any day now.
Here's a bunch of shots from some good times :) Thanks to everyone involved who made the weekend off to a great start!

Start of the Road trip Good TEAM for sure

Trees trying to come back after the summer fires

Even though Ralph is fading away he still has a good appetite

Lars pretty stoked on lunch

My Lunch of champions !

Metro even though he was sick still enjoyed the food, here he is napping to conserve eating energy

Funny who you see in Mansfield, TSC crew cruising the streets

Our epic new residence for weekends over winter

Lars knows how to warm up a house thats for sure

Mike metro the moose was quick to get relaxed

TC moving in to our new room at the cabin, notice first thing first, her sleeping bag ready for sleep time

Of course you had to get the bus ride from car park up to hill at Buller for dinner what a hoax

Monks downing the vodka limes, I mean lime and soda no vodka :)

Tc finally met our friend T_ROY

Good Crew at Koorora For dinner

Everyone was a little dusty by this time of the night, hence the art guy shot

Girls love to pose :) TC and Monk

Since Mike aka Markle moose went home we had to chill with his cousin apre moose

Finally some snow, way more to come though and it started bucketing as we left

Team awaiting me chilling by fire in freeride

Gnome house and two geeks checking it out

Team coming home !!

On way home there were some awesome rainbows! Good sign of the season ahead? Let's hope so!

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5liddles said...

Looks like so much fun! Tara you look so good. I miss you! Any chance you'll be in the states this summer?