Monday, June 15, 2009

Buller Opens with tonnes of snow, thank you snow gods

First true weekend of season for us all, with tonnes of snow.
Best way to explain is with some photos !!! As a picture does say a 1000 words :)
Thanks everyone for some good times !!

Metro Mike rocked up looking a little like Lemmy from motorhead

Here's our Saturday team, Ralph, Tara (TC) and Lemmy I mean Mike

View on Saturday morning up to the summit

We found some friends for lunch, Jacko, Alex and Seany

And some more

Some guy had the 2011 Burton vapor, how fun does this look NOT

Working out before the home trail, as you can see Mike is a little tired

TC and Lemmy coming out of home trail

Ingredients to a good guacamole

Metro/Lemmy wasn't getting out of this bed Sunday that's for sure

That night some friends rocked up, Trent, BRAD and Fitzy

Morning token group shot

Our friends from japan also known as the ninjas rocked up also

Ralph chucking while his skier mate shushes along, ski ya later

Fitzy nose grab

Proper method Ralphy without his skier mates along for the ride

The Sunbury boys where up ripping also, good to see you dudes

Ninja One loves suitcase methods

Johnny nose grab

Thanks everyone especially TROY and Joel for helping me with the clinic on Sunday !


Belmore said...

Good sunday session shane, way too much fun.

DSJ said...

such a rad day! thanks for the photos, that camera is amazing! so good to ride with you guys!

POP Magazine said...

Wow that sunny look rad. I think that's a method there Ralph. And over a skier, killing it!