Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Times and Some Photo Mania

So as of late things have been a little busy on my end.
Endless road trips and meetings, well I guess it is snow season and I work for a snowboard company so if i wasnt busy something would be wrong.
I thought the best way to let you know whats been up is a bunch of photos

Last weekend we went back to Buller

Rory aka Dr Jumps is back snowboarding again and bringing good times to us all

It Was Mike Metros Bday so he could cruise around in first layer all he likes

The ladies love our friend TROY he pretty much runs Buller

Joel came down to Metros Bday dinner bringing a car load of crew with him
Thanks for making the effort joely

Here's the crew for mikes Bday dinner

Bday snowboarding for mike ! here he is with TC and Chunk

Chunk had a big night so had a little sleep

Ralph was on fire mega method of a mini hit

TC was also on fire, another method , lighting wasnt great and I had no flashes so Ive messed with it a little , I kinda like it. if you dont let us know

Monday it was off to BAW BAW to check out what was up there, here is the crew from DEJAVU chilling

Jamie from Cactus and Baw Baw's Leona

Tuesday it was off the Hotham, Gangstar sulway was up there to help me with the meetings We where up there for

Hotham is rad and so are the views

Weds, it was off to Albury my old home town (high school) Weird being there for sure. SO many memories ! I do miss old friends and the way skating there used to be

Back in melbs today off to Buller again tomorow night I CANNOT wait

oh yeah its snowing here again in OZ
Who said we lived in a desert ?

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