Saturday, October 23, 2010

Horse Racing ?

So our friend's Bridget and Marcus are getting married soon and this weekend was their Buck/Hens weekend. For the bucks they started the day with horse racing out in Yarra Glen which for those not from Oz is on the way to our local hill Mt Buller a little over an hour away from where we live. I drove so I would'nt hit to party trail and end up in the city partying all night with everyone (which would be fun don't get my wrong).
Anyway I got into the swing and things and started to actually enjoy it and was betting with the best of them. I was pretty much even when our friend Joel from Buller said lets pool our cash and bet on for the win just so I could say to the way indimadating booky "$40 on the nose" on a horse we liked the name of "Bowlabouncer".

Since Id just won i betted on a couple more random ones also.

SO we forgot to watch the race and continued on chilling when Marcus comes up stoked telling us the horse he just backed won he thought , what horse we said and he goes "The bouncer one"
"No way" we said, 2nd and 3rd where also my horses so we cleaned up.

I stopped after that $140 in front stoked, it could get additive so thats my one gambling day for this year I think.
Thanks for the invite Marcus good luck tonight, think Im glad I got out of there :)

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