Sunday, October 24, 2010

Action Packed Sunday

So our friend Joel needed a lift back to Buller after the bucks yesterday. I thought why not (do good get good) and got up nice and early and drive him back up the hill (3.5 hours). It was a cool drive and I figured there would be some snow so why not go for a little hike.

Here is Joel with his broken femur, next summer Joel's hiking the patch with me :)

I know I shouldnt post a shot of my self but I was so stoked to get some little hiking on I had to post this shot (thanks joel for the photo)

After dropping Joel off, it was straight to the Wilson house hold for one ripping skate in the sun. That three and half hour drive never took so long ever. AL recently purchased our friend Brendan's ramp and added an extension and sorted the coping out perfectly. So stoked to skate this perfect back yard ramp, thanks again.

The kids where also ripping and here is Unkle Ralph and Z man starting them young.

Al ripping up the back yard paradise. Front rock extension

We then visited our nephews which where amazingly cute, all in all one epic Sunday thanks to everyone involved.

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