Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taras Birthday Fiesta

SO last saturday we celebrated Taras 30th, Tara decided we would travel down to the RED HILL brewery for their annual brewers Secret Stash weekend. Red Hill produces some amazing beers and this weekend their secret beers are on tap for the weekend.
Heres a little intro into the day

Here is our buddies Kate And Paul who traveled down from Sydney for the weekend, thanks guys

They have tasting paddles so you can try all the beers, one of these beers has an alcohol rating of 20% needless to say this was the beginning of the end

Yay Monk

Bday Girl and Paul

Dulcie is awesome with her smiling mom

Ralph enjoying the day quite early with his lovely girl KAT

To good to not post, the cheese plate was great, thanks Lars

Katie and Tara

Jammo and Lars

The culprit of the day :)

Girls Girls Girls, Moo, Tara and Val

There was no canned whisky but Breny still had a great time

After this things got a little crazy and hopefully the fotos never see light of day, needless to say I have been heavily listening to all my straight Edge records hoping to see the light again :)

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