Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Krista you will always be in our hearts !

Yesterday one of the greatest people I ever got to spend time with passed away.
Krista was one of the most motivated positive people I have ever met, whether it was ripping the skate park, shredding pow and selling the dream working for Burton, Krista could do it all. No matter where you went you knew someone who admired or loved her and I know she will forever live in everyones hearts.
Transworld posted a couple of articles on Krista which I hope you will all read article one and article two

Krista and Mitch in Chile

Id like to finish with a little story, years ago everyone at Burton was on a trip to NZ we where all up at snopark and everyone had a awesome day and was chilling at the bar/bbq area I did another run and caught up with Krista who was hiking the 1/4 pipe i decided to hike it with her for a while she was ripping I slammed over and over.
At the end of the meeting they had a slide show, Krista got an awesome method shot and I hoped for a cool shot to from the 1/4 pipe too but all they had was me upside down slamming I was bummed for a second but then remebered Id remember that day for the rest of my life shredding with kirsta in a foreign country having a ball
Krista we will remember you forever and miss you dearly.

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