Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Long Clint Shirvington

This week one of our longest workers at Burton Australia decided to move on to concentrate on family life. .
Sorry but I lost some crazy shots from Mexico which was a great trip with Clint, which I'm sure he and everyone that was there will remember Clint getting thrown out of the club by some heavy duty Mexican bouncers.
I will really miss working with him and thought Id put up some photos of some good times, I have had with him over the years

Mike from First tracks jindy and clint

Clint and AK from falls at the falls demo which was all time

Clint in Canberra after eating the biggest chile the restaurant could find

Tanya from Canberra, Clint and Sue showing the 2011 line, Clint was a glove expert that was for sure

Clint trying out TC's sleeping bag/suit

Clint rips that's for sure, he showed this buller hip who was boss

Another shot from that Buller hip

Clint had that phone stuck to his ear more than pretty much anyone I knew, here he is with Sheree from newy

Morri, Clint and Rizzo ready to party

Clint stretching for Golf, thanks for the lessons

This one is for Breny (our friend that is paddle board crazy) Clint and I in the bay

Clint always up for anything, tearing Brenny's ramp apart

Sick frontside surf grind..

Clints going away drinks, Thomas, Jimmy and Clint

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