Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sausage Time

A friend of everyone's Jamie is moving away so his kind sister and brother in law threw a little BBQ slash mini ramp session for everyone to say goodbye. Good times where had by all, the ramp got skated non stop with Jamie getting best on ground that's for sure.

Anyway here is some shots, thanks to brenny and val for having us over. Miami Mike Didnt turn up I hope he is ok !

PS I made burgers that were pretty good and TC made her spinach dip that went down a treat :)

Val, Julie kim, ben and Kaitlin.

Val and Gazza ! and everyone else

Nick, Tc, Claire and Kaitlin looking like they are enjoying the sun.

Marky and I, Mark skated really well until he slipped on some slippery cement on the way to the car and dropped his cooler/esky and split his elbow open :)

Brendan aka Bam Bam knows how to cook a BBQ thats for sure. Check out those Carter Burgers coming to a burger spot near you soon.

Enzo is a ripper from way back, somehow he kept these shorts in good condition from way back also.. They have to be 15 years old Enzo used to sing in a band called "TBS" We will give a prize to anyone who posts what the TBS stands for....

I was worried Enzo was going to split those shorts with this boneless. Luckily for all he didnt.

Ralph had a sore head from The bucks night we went to the night before.

So Scooter and Nate gave him some love.

Which gave him the will to make this pivot to fakie on the makeship extension. Like I said before he has this trick on LOCK

Obviously everyone in the shot got the memo to wear white :) Enzo and I forgot our red beanies though. I did match the red in my tshirt though

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