Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Times in Seaford.

Friday Afternoon luckily our work day ends at three, so everyone up in the Sydney office can go get salty (surf), in winter its great for us as we get a head start on getting to the mountains. In summer what better to do than go skate.
Today we ventured out to seaford, which has changed quite a bit over time. From a slab of concrete with a metal spine ramp and some ledges to a concrete set up that it is now. It has never been like the mega parks you see around today, but has always offered mellow fun times, Thanks Seaford.

Heres some Blurry Shots please go easy on me, I lost my digi (of course I did I hear you say) and are using my blackberry for these updates.

Seaford Overview check Als smith on the ledge.

Ralph had this line on lockdown this isnt the best shot sorry, I blame that on the blackberry :)

Leon Cruising through, Leons Tattoos are great his fave by far is the "Good Times" on his arm that is you look at it quickly reads "Cool Limes" or "Cool Lines" as leon had in the seaford park thats for sure.


SILV3R said...

That park looks fun as!!! Ralph ripping....not much changes!!!

SILV3R said...

Looks like good times, fun little sess!!! Ralph ripping....good to see some things never change!!!