Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally an Update (SORRY) but heres Breny and Vals Wedding Trip To Airley Beach Update!

So our friends Breny and Val decided to get married up in airley beach which is up on the great barrier reef, which is two flights away. This is why we have been slacking on the Blog Updates. Below is a little timeline of the week away.

First Up heres Me(SC) waiting for the plane up in Brisbane where we had a three hour layover.

We stayed at a Resort called Coral Sea, it has a really nice pool and overlooks the water. Pretty much all our free time was spent by the pool.
Heres TC, Val and Claire tanning themselves :)

Im not one for tanning but are all for swimming !

Ralph and I skated anywhere we could ! Walked across town to find the skate park in 30 degree heat (or 100c, if your in North America) only to find some amazing drains which ill post later that where fun to skate. And never got to skate the park.

I think everyone reading this knows Chris Coco Boadle and now you know how he stays so fit, its not snowboarding or surfing its push ups where ever and whenever he can :)

One day miami/boss hog mike and Ralph decided to have Cocktails for breakfast and drink every cocktail on the menu. That was until we all decided to get our rev head on and

Go Ride JET Skis

This stopped ralph in his tracks after one cocktail and we had a ball, The guy renting them for the day didnt care less about what was going on as he was part time. We where told to never be in 100 metres of another jet ski. There was no time that when all 5 skidoos where not in a within 10 metres of each other, a little scary thats for sure. In photo above you see Ralph, Nick, Sc, coco and then the groom to be Breny.

In the above Photo is the bride Val and TC holding Vals and Brenys nieces, 5 mins after this shot the little girl tara was holding peed on her dress, needless to say Tara was shocked but handled it really well. I know I wouldnt have !!

Above is the Wedding party Val and Breny, elisha, Steve, TC and SC :)

The Happy Couple !

Here Tc and I on the ferry back to the airport Tc of course got a little sunburnt and it was a fun end to a really good wedding week. THANKS BRENY AND VAL congrats again.

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