Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sydney, Buller and Broken Windows

So Im guessing Photos get people coming back here, so heres a whole heap from last week. TC had a big week at work with lots of publicity on the company she works for. I on the other hand travelled a bunch last week, monday was fall creek, tuesday melbourne, wednesday/thursday and friday morning where sydney and friday night both TC and I got to go to Buller to catch up with friends who sometimes go by the gang name of Team Food.
Enjoy the week that was.

Heres SCs last night in sydney last week, after meeting Darrens friend Bill in sydney for a drink we ended up chilling and eating with some of our mates travelling back to USA.
Above shot clockwise includes Darren, Bill, Blotto, Hooper, Keegan (hard to see) and Jeremy, fun times in china town.

Team Food HQ, after a big day of riding everyone chilled at the Cabin, clockwise Rory aka Dr Jumps, rorys mate simon, Ralph and TC

Pretending we where at Cafe Rio Ralph TC and Metro all pretended to like the mexican feast I Cooked

So We where loading up Ralphs truck with all his demo boards when i proceeded to ask you sure thats ok resting them on the truck, "Yeah the bars hold them up no worries" Ralph said as i went inside to get a jacket as it was raining, as i came back outside i got to see one smashed window where the board bag fell through the window, lucky for Ralph we have lots of corona boxes and stickers. And no my jacket isnt too long

Ralph smiling, I still do not know how he was smiling right now, every time he closed the door (slammed) more glass fell out into his car. Oh yeah im still getting glass out of my hand.

We drove into town to eat pies and fix the window good and proper, since the forum stickers although great wherent doing the job.

Ralph has been wanting to get his windows tinted into the "darkest legal tint" heres a cheap way to do it.

Overall A great Week, snowboarding at both Falls and Buller eating food and chilling with great friends Life is Good.


Tara said...

I have to admit - that was the most impressive tape job I have ever seen! Hope it kept the rain out Ralphy!!!

SC/TC said...

Darkest Legal tint thats for sure ralph how was the view out the back window

SILV3R said...

WOW, what a week, you could almost make a show out that!!! Window, too funny, but not at the same time, good to see Ralph seeing the funny side!!!