Friday, May 30, 2008

The Week That Was

So Sc's Work Week started off at Buller and Ended in Torquay. Sounds a little like a Rip Curl Ad doesnt it From the mountains to the surf :):):)

Anyway after spending weekend at Falls monday was spent at Buller enjoying the mountain air training people on our rental product.
Tuesday I was back here (airport) flying up to sydney for some meetings etc. Even a little job review

Luckily our marketing dept partnered with Boost on a promotion and we all had free boost juices :)

Our Office in Sydney is pretty much in the heart of it as far as surf goes and here is the local beach located in Manly. Paul colby if your reading this I hope this makes you home sick (cause we miss you)

So friday night I had a little clinic going at a store in torquay to end the week, the clinic ended well (so i thought) until someone yelled "FIRE" and you wouldn't believe it but a fire started in the shop.
It was quickly put out but still freaked everyone out. Way to end the week.
On way home I checked out a little contest going on in the city at one of the snowboard shops in there.
Similar to the episode of "My name is Earl" where they held the contest to win a car by having the longest person holding the car win it, except this time it wasn't a car but snowboard and they where hung in the air. 30 people where going at it and im sure theres still people going today.
Check Blurry Photo below for the keen contest entrants


paulsworld said...

Yep that picture does make me a little home sick. Hope you had fruit salad and a coffee while you took that picture.

SC/TC said...

nah but was on way to honolulu grill for breaky though
hope your enjoying our efforts